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SCHEELS Midland Magic Summer Showcase 

July 17-19 2015   Springfield Illinois


SCHEELS Midland Magic Fall Showcase

October 16-18 2015   Springfield Illinois

Midland Magic Tryout

Fall tryout dates for 2015-16 season will be announce in July

.Midland Magic has helped over 130 girls with softball scholarships. 

Scholarships totals over 10 million dollars

Girls playing college ball in 13 states

71 Colleges and Universities represented by Midland Magic girls.


21 Division 1 Pitchers

18 Division 1 Catchers


Midland Magic Pitching / Hitting Academy

Midland Magic Pitching / Hitting Academy has opened in Shelbyville IL.
It is located behind O'Reilly Auto Parts on Route 16 on the west side of town.

For more information and to schedule time for instruction contact:
Tony Moll at 217-827-3211 or tkcgmoll@yahoo.com
Dale Shelton 618-781-4209 or justdale23@aol.com

Cage time can be rented as well for travel and school teams.

Legacy Pointe Town Center
3801 South MacArthur Blvd.
Springfield, IL  62711
Visit us at SCHEELS.com

Midland Magic Supports Run For Boston

2007 Illinois State ASA 16U 2nd Place

2008 Illinois State ASA 16U 1st Place     

 2008 Illinois State ASA 16U 2nd Place

2010 Illinois State ASA 16U 2nd Place

2012 Illinois State ASA 16U 1st Place

2012 Illinois State ASA 18U 1st Place

2015 Illinois State ASA 12U 1st Place

2015 Illinois State ASA 14U 1st Place


Midland Magic Store  



      2015 SCHEELS  Midland Magic Summer Showcase    
      July 17-19           Springfield  Illinois      
Friday Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Field 5 Field 6 Field 7 Field 8  Field 9
10:00 A1 vs A6 A2 vs A5 A3 vs A4 D5 vs D6 D1 vs D3 D4 vs D2 I2 vs I1 I3 vs I6 I4 vs I5
11:30 C3 vs C1 C6 vs C7 H6 vs H4 H2 vs H3 H1 vs H5 G4 vs G5 B3 vs B7 B4 vs B5 K1 vs K2
1:00 E3 vs E4 E6 vs E1 E2 vs E5 H5 vs H3 J3 vs J6 J4 v J5 L2 vs L1 L3 vs L6 L4 vs L5
2:30 A4 vs A2 A5 vs A1 A6 vs A7 D4 vs D1 D5 vs D3 D6 vs D2 B3 vs B4 B7 vs B1 B2 vs B5
4:00 C7 vs C1 C3 vs C6 I3 vs I4 I6 vs I1 I2 vs I5 H1 vs H4 H6 vs H2 L2 vs L5 ZZZZZZZ
5:30 C7 vs B7 E3 vs E6 E4 vs E5 J6 vs J1 E2 vs E1 G5 vs G3 F2 vs F4 J3 vs J4 ZZZZZZZ
7:00 L3 vs L4 L6 vs L1 J1 vs J2 K5 vs K6 G6 vs G3 G2 vs G1 G5 vs G3 XXXXXX XXXXXX
8:30 F5 vs F6  F1 vs F3 J2 vs J5 K4 vs K7 G6 vs G2 G4 vs G1 ZZZZZZZ XXXXXX XXXXXX
8:00 K2 vs K5 K6 vs K8 C4 vs C2 I6 vs I4 I2 vs I3 I1 vs I5 H4 vs H5 H3 vs H6 H2 vs H1
9:30 B6 vs B4 B2 vs B3 B1 vs B5 E4 vs E1 E5 vs E3 E6 vs E2 K1 vs K7 K3 vs K4 A5 vs A3
11:00 D6 vs D4 D2 vs D3 D1 vs D5 J4 vs J1 J5 vs J3 J6 vs J2 G2 vs G5 G3 vs G4 G6 vs G1
12:30 L6 vs L4 L2 vs L3 L1 vs L5 I6 vs I2 B6 vs B3 C2 vs C3 C1 vs C5 I5 vs I3 I4 vs I1
2:00 H3 vs H4 H6 vs H1 H2 vs H5 B4 vs B1 B5 vs B3 C3 vs C4 E2 vs E3 E1 vs E5 E6 vs E4
3:30 F3 vs F4 F6 vs F1 F2 vs F5 D3 vs D4 D6 vs D1 D2 vs D5 A2 vs A7 A3 vs A6 A4 vs A5
5:00 K1 vs K3 C5 vs C3 C4 vs C1 C6 vs C2 B6 vs B1 K3 vs K8 A7 vs A1 K4 vs K2 K6 vs K7
6:30 K5 vs K8 D2 vs D1 G2 vs G3 G6 vs G4 B6 vs B2 G1 vs G5 A7 vs A4 A6 vs A2 L4 vs L1
8:00 F4 vs F1 F6 vs F2 F5 vs F3 J4 vs J2 J1 vs J3 J5 vs J6 A3 vs A1 XXXXXX XXXXXX
9:30 F2 vs F1 F3 vs F6 F4 vs F5 C5 vs C6 L5 vs L3 L6 vs L2 ZZZZZZZ XXXXXX XXXXXX
8:00 J6 vs J4 J2 vs J3 J1 vs J5 E5 vs E6 E1 vs E3 E4 vs E2 D3 vs D6 I1 vs3 I5 vs I6
9:30 H5 vs H6 H1 vs H3 H4 vs H2 A6 vs A4 B5 vs B6 A1 vs A2 F6 vs F4 K2 vs K3 L4 vs L2
11:00 G5 vs G6 G1 vs G3 G4 vs G2 C4 vs C2 I4 vs I2 D4 vs D5 B1 vs B2 F2 vs F3 F1 vs F5
12:30 K6 vs K1 K7 vs K5 K4 vs K8 C4 vs C5 A5 vs A7 B4 vs B2 A3 vs B1 L1 vs L3 XXXXXX
2:00 K6 vs K2 K7 vs K8 K4 vs K1 C2 vs C5 C1 vs C6 K5 vs K3 L5 vs L6 XXXXXX XXXXXX
    2015 SHEELS Midland Magic Summer Showcase Pools  
Pool A     Pool B     Pool C    
1. Select Softball   1. Black Widows 98   1. Diamondstorm Elite 99
2. Shock Softball   2. Diamondstorm Elite 98 2. Lawrence Hummers Bryn
3. Midwest Sting   3. Worth Prospects    3. Hitting Center 98  
4. Tomahawks 16U   4. Legends Softball    4. Missouri Stealth Keea
5. Midwest Revolution  5. Indiana Outkast 16U 5. KC Athletics Black  
6. 99 Hurricanes   6. Lawrence Hummers Harjo 6. Indy Dreams Gold  
7. Crawford County   7. Midland Magic 99   7. Midland Magic 98  
Pool D     Pool E     Pool F    
1. Extreme Elite 16U   1. BNGSA Hurricanes 1. Nemo Hotshots 16U
2. Morton Mystics   2. Hitting Center 99   2. Lagrange Laces  
3. Bulls Sox Academy 3. Midwest Magic   3. Phlash    
4. Diamondstrom Scott 4. Worth Tigers Davis 4. N'tense Softball  
5. Black Widows 99   5. Louisville Sluggers 5. Fire Pro Fastpitch  
6. STL Academy Saito  6. Mattoon Cobras 16U 6. Trenton Thunder  
Pool G     Pool H     Pool  I    
1. STL Academy Hargate 1. Extreme Elite 14U   1. STL Academy Thompson
2. Wisconsin Sparks   2. STL Diamond Cats   2. Midland Magic 02  
3. Central IL Renegades 3. Southern Express 01 3. Black Widows 01  
4. Black Widows 00   4. Midland Magic 01   4. OTBO Xplsion   
5. Midland Magic 00   5. Naperville Diamonds JK 5. Chaos One  
6. Missouri Stealth 00 6. STL Esprit Slover   6. Team Illinois 01  
Pool  J     Pool K     Pool L    
1. Mattoon Cobras 18U 1. Bluff City 18U   1. Downstate Rippers 96
2. Champaign Blue Ice Elite 2. Tomahawks 18U   2. Flames Fastpich  
3. Illinois Stars DB   3. NEMO Hotshots   3.Diamondstorm Dennison
4. Hitting Center 97   4. Downstate Rippers 97 4. Quad City Lady Hitmen 96
5. Southern Express 96 5. McHenry Co Chaos 5. Indiana Stingers  
6. Indiana Outkast 18U 6. Outsiders   6. Black Widows 18U
      7. Wisconsin Bandits Red      
      8. Indy Hurricanes        
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2015 All Conference

Brooke Stralow POY

Gabby Stoner

Jessie Lamb

Gracyn McBride

Kristen Skala

Kylie Albrecht

Parker Bandy

Sami Long

Caitlyn Touchette

Morgan Edwards

Lexie Carlsten

Reganne Camp

Lakyn Wagoner

Hunter Niebrugger POY

Cathrine Goodwin

Morgan Combs

Alexa Combs

Olivia Young

Sophia Cloclasure

Ali Domkuski

Renee Abernathy

Montana Taylor

MaKenna Butcher

Alexa Brown

Brooklyn Bane

Elexis Swartzentruber

Keegan Fields

Sydney Hollins

Lexi Beach

Madison Edwards

Bailey Benton

Emily Lockhart

Danyelle Eilers

All American

Sarah Wilkerson / 2014

Taylor Kirby /  2014

Taylor Odom / 2013

Gracyn McBride / 2012

Katie Bertelsen / 2011

Grace Moll / 2011

ASA/USA Nationals